The Unkindled Arise in Dark Souls 3

The Unkindled Arise in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III is a little over a month away. It’s From Software’s final installment in the hit dungeon crawler that’s bound to make you smash a few controllers during your playthrough. While you prepare a new controller—and maybe buy some insurance on your TV—you can check out the opening cinematic for the game. This one’s epic:

Welcome to Lothric, the place “where the transitory lands of the Lord of Cinder converge”. What we can infer about the plot is that it will involve defeating the massive “Lords of Cinder,” so that we are revived as an “Unkindled” in the “Untended Graves” at the beginning of the game.

The first thing you’ll notice is the change to the rhythm and pacing of the combat, which, to our eyes, is much faster this time around, perhaps even taking influence from From Software’s other hit game, Bloodbourne.

Dark Souls 3a

“Only in truth, the lords will abandon their thrones, and the Unkindled will rise. Nameless, accursed undead, unfit even to be Cinder. And so it is, that ash seeketh embers”

These words are reminiscent of the plight that the Undead faced in Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2. With the Firelink Shrine mentioned several times, it will be interesting to see how all three titles are tied together.

Dark Souls III will be released on April 12th by Bandai Namco for th Xbox One, PS4 and PC.



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