Console Wars : Xbox One vs. PS4 Wars : Xbox One vs. PS4

It’s almost Christmas time or what Microsoft and Sony know it as the Console Wars. So what console will you be looking forward to getting? Unpause is here to help.

Sony is definitely in the running with PS4 sales exceeding that of Xbox but due to the price drops and sequential bundles being offered it’s anybody’s game this Christmas. The Xbox has backwards compatibility which is a great feature for gamers but the PS4 has higher specs, exclusive games and overall a better graphics engine.

The fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft remains persistent, yet each system’s game and app selection, host of streaming services, and pricing continues to fluctuate with each passing season. Sony may have sold more units since 2013, sure, but Microsoft is quickly closing the gap — and the best of both systems is still to come.


Xbox Price Catch-Up with PS4

This may seem like an obvious one, but there is more to it than just the price of the console itself. The standalone Xbox One currently costs $50 less than the PS4, but said price doesn’t include the Kinect sensor. The PS4 offers the PlayStation Camera as a separate $60 purchase.


PS4 has the Smaller and Better-Looking Design

This is one of the easiest categories to pick a winner. The PS4 is slim, sleek, and lightweight, featuring an attractive light bar on the side and a sloping front and back. The Xbox One is a much bulkier box. It isn’t ugly by any means, and it sort of resembles one of the new-generation cable boxes, but put the two next to each other and you have to wonder why it’s so much bigger, especially since it still requires a brick for the power cord, where the PS4 does not.


Extra Features: Ports and Storage

Ports are a telling distinction between the Xbox One and PS4. Microsoft packed an IR Blaster and two HDMI inputs into the One, thus allowing you to connect the console to satellite boxes and cable TV. Considering Sony has omitted these ports, it becomes clear that Microsoft wants to win over a wider demographic of customers. Both consoles do tout a camera and Ethernet port, though, as well as two USB inputs.

Storage is a different story, too. Although both systems exhibit a 500GB capacity, the Xbox One only features 362GB of free storage after you factor in the operating system, while the PS4 showcases a healthy 407GB of storage. Moreover, only the PS4 allows you to replace the internal drive — your Xbox One warranty is voided when you replace the internal drive — but Microsoft did issue an update in June that allows users to add external storage. Still, a mere 500GB of storage doesn’t really cut it anymore, and the PS4 allows you to expand storage without voiding your warranty. Sounds like a win to me.


Games Look Better on the PS4

A trend you can recognize quite often is that the PS4 launches games with better resolutions and frame rates. You usually see a cross-platform game run at 1080p Full HD and 60fps on PS4, while the Xbox One edition might be 900p HD even at that buttery smooth 60fps.


Xbox – It’s your All-In-One Entertainment System

Both the PS4 and Xbox One are also outfitted for Blu-ray playback, but given the latter is the only console designed to directly integrate with your cable service.

But, you can feed your cable TV signal (and Freeview too if you buy the Xbox One digital TV tuner) through the Xbox One to make everything sit within one UI, which makes Xbox to a clear winner, when it comes to all-round entertainment. The OneGuide works really well, offering all your live TV coverage within your Xbox One with the ability to pause your favorite program to make a cup of tea. Early next year, you’ll also be able to record live TV and set series links so you never miss an episode.


Xbox 360 Game Backwards Compatibility

Available now via the Preview Program, the Xbox One backwards compatibility will launch fully in November. Basically you’ll be able to insert any supported Xbox 360 disc into your Xbox One and play it natively on your new console. Or, if you owned the Xbox 360 games digitally, you can simply download them from the Games & Apps panel of your Xbox One as normal.



There’s no clear winner in the war between the PS4 and Xbox One – both consoles have their pros and cons, and most games launch as multi-platform titles.

However, reasons for buying the new Xbox One would be for its cheaper price, it can be easily upgraded, and backwards compatibility is an invaluable feature for Xbox 360 gamers. This, as well as the Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility, the fact that Xbox One supports USB drives for extra external storage is filling the gap between Xbox and PS4 quite well. Plus, Microsoft’s latest console has a far stronger line-up of exclusive titles this Christmas.

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